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Lack of Enjoyment During Intercourse

Lack of Enjoyment During Intercourse

This is also called female arousal disorder, it is characterized by minimal vaginal lubrication or no lubrication at all during sexual excitation along with the absence of feeling of excitation. In one study many women complained of lack of sexual arousal so that they get very little lubrication & vagina does not relax so that sexual intercourse is painful. In population, many women complain of difficulty in getting excited. Many such women complain of the absence of orgasm & sex may even be painful. It can be from the beginning of sexual life or may start later in life. In some arousal may be absent with one partner whereas it is normal with other partners.

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Disorder of sex centre: So that vagina & muscles around it goes into painful spasm at the point of penis entry rather than relaxing.

  • Hormones Disorder: Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (hypothalamic or pituitary deficiencies) Hypogonadisms, Hypothyroidism, Testosterone deficiency, hyperprolactinemias, Hypogonadotropic states: Hypothalamic-pituitary deficiencies: Idiopathic GnRH deficiency, Kallman syndromes, Prader-Willi syndromes, Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndromes, pituitary hypoplasia, Ovarian Dysfunctions Hypothyroidisms Untreated endocrinopathies & Diabetics Glucorticoids excess, Cushing’s disease, Addisons disease
  • Excess asthenia i.e. chronic asthenia is also a significant cause of low sexual excitation & arousal.
  • Chronic vulvovaginitis, and chronic urethritis.
  • Addiction as chronic alcoholism, chronic smoker, heroin or cannabis use.
  • Drugs: Sedative: Narcotics, tranquillizers, amphetamine, cocaine, many antidepressants, and anti-psychotics, anti-hypertensives, many other drugs.
  • Psychiatric disorder as depression, neurosis, & many other psychiatric disorders.
  • Any kind of sexual dysfunction in man leading to non-enjoyment of sexual act by a female may lead to absent arousal & excitement.
  • Any cause of painful sexual intercourse (as due to vaginismus or dyspareunia) will also lead to secondary loss of excitation in women whether married or unmarried.
  • Decreased blood supply to the vagina due to various medical conditions can lead to diminishing vaginal lubrication, pain during intercourse
  • Infections: In genital tract or vulvae vestibule, vulvovaginitis
  • Less lubrication due to various reasons as hormone deficiency
  • Connective tissue diseases leading to dryness
  • Psychological problems: as depression & other psychiatry disorders
  • Sicca syndrome
  • Idiopathic
  • Decreased blood supply to the vagina due to various medical conditions can lead to diminishing vaginal lubrication, pain during intercourse
  • Vulvar vestibulitis
  • Restrictive upbringing, Inadequate sexual information, early insecurity in the psychosexual role.
  • Obstructive vaginal lesions: Vaginal stenosis, vaginal scarring, post-surgical problems, retroverted uterus, organic diseases of uterus, endometriosis, adenomyosis, tubes or ovaries, chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases, urethral diverticulum
  • Idiopathic vulvodynia